Stephanie Peanasky


Stephanie Peanasky

Client Experience Manager, Copy Editor

Miami University
Pharm.D. South University
Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA

Introduce yourself:

A pharmacist by training, I was raised in the Midwest and began my academic career at Miami University. Although my primary focus was pre-pharmacy coursework, I minored in religion and was able to express myself by writing and allowing my scientific, analytical brain to rest! After completing my pre-pharmacy coursework, I attended South University and graduated with honors receiving a Doctorate of Pharmacy. For many years, I worked as a pharmacy manager. Besides performing meticulous, detail-oriented pharmacist duties, I wrote, compiled, and edited company wide communications and guidelines about a new software rollout. My joy was in my patient-clients, communicating, listening, and guiding them in every way possible. Following my passion for reading and grammar, I continue to pour over books, analyzing writing styles and grammar usage. Now residing in the Renaissance City of Florence, Italy with my family, I stay busy by raising two young daughters, playing make-believe and dress-up, exploring the Italian landscape, and trying my best to live the “bella vita!”

Fun Facts:

I learned a second language as an adult.
I’m ambidextrous.
I’m always trying a new recipe, sometimes succeeding and others times not.

Pop Quiz:

If I were a dean of admissions this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: What is your strongest personality trait? How has it helped you, hindered you, and how do you think it will impact your future?

What do you spend too much time doing?I spend way too much time silently willing Italians to form a straight line! (always pure chaos!)

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