Rob’n Laurelli


Rob’n Laurelli

College Essay Specialist

B.A. University of Pennsylvania

Introduce yourself:
I had always been fascinated by science, and when I was in high school I had an amazing environmental science teacher. I went on to study Environmental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, with a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies. I thought I would become a researcher or scientist, but over time I realized that my life-long love of music was something I could no longer deny. Now I am a musician who plays violin and guitar, and I sing and write my own music. I also currently work as a tutor in a variety of subjects with students of all ages. I'm passionate about being able to write lyrics in order to express my thoughts in a creative way, and I love working with students to help them learn how to express themselves through their writing.


Fun Facts:

  • I've been playing violin since I was 5 years old, and I was trained in classical music and Irish fiddling -- now I play in punk bands.
  • I'm a Philly native whose first experience traveling internationally was through my study abroad program. I studied in London for 6 months, and I also had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin.
  • I live with 3 roommates and 2 cats named Morty and Dexter. They're not my cats, they are the furry children to one of my roommates -- I'm just their cool cat auntie.


Pop Quiz:
If I were a dean of admissions this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: Who is a character from a book, show, or movie you felt most connected to, and why?

What do you spend too much time doing? Watching Netflix shows such as Stranger Things, The Office, and a variety of Marvel superhero shows and movies.

If you were the protagonist in an epic adventure, whether a game, novel, or movie, what would your ultimate quest be? I would be someone who could communicate in any language, and I'd use that ability to travel the world and go on adventures fully immersed in different cultures. I speak Spanish, and I've recently started taking up American Sign Language. I find languages to be so fascinating, since I've also briefly studied additional languages in bits and pieces (including Italian and Mandarin). I love being able to connect with people from different backgrounds around the world.

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