Michelle Motoyoshi


Michelle Motoyoshi

Essay Team Lead

B.A. University of California Berkeley
M.A. University of Chicago
Ph.D. University of California Berkeley

Introduce yourself:

Michelle Motoyoshi is a tutor/editor who has cobbled together a few accomplishments, like publishing three educational books for children, writing articles for local and online publications, and making a few short films. She also has over four years of professional editing experience to go along with her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley. But, her proudest and most rewarding accomplishment is the close relationship she has with her daughter. Well, that and the fact that she knows how to use the phrase “head canon” in a sentence (parents ask your teen).


Fun Facts:

  • When I get sandwiches from a deli, I deconstruct them and eat each piece separately, saving the bread and cheese for last. There is absolutely no reason for this.
  • My love language is sarcasm.
  • I silently judge people who hate chocolate and cats.


Pop Quiz:

If I were the dean of admissions, this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: Why?

What do you spend too much time doing? Cruising through X. But in my defense, X is where I find out about news, movements, innovations, etc. that are occurring around the world, stuff that the mainstream media either never covers or covers weeks after I’ve already read about it on X (e.g. I generally read about new Covid variants weeks before the msm reports on them).  It’s also where I learn current slang.

If you knew then what you know now….. I’d be more patient and more persistent.

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