Julia Lawrence

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Julia Lawrence

College Essay Specialist

B.A. Johns Hopkins University
M.A. Temple University

Introduce yourself:

I once imagined I'd be a museum curator, going so far as to study hieroglyphics as a teenager - so as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, I majored in anthropology. But with time, I came to find that my real passion lay with writing - expressing internal truths and using language as an exquisite tool. So, with a little soul-searching, my academic interests turned towards creative writing, and I soon found myself pursuing my Masters in English at Temple University, which ultimately led me to become a high school English teacher. Very few things bring me as much joy as seeing someone connect with a great book, or write something that is truly from their core.


Fun Facts:

  • I don't believe in undecorated spaces; my work backpack has over 20 pins on it, with 6 more on my denim jacket, and my laptop is covered in stickers - and so is nearly every trash can in my house!
  • My cat, who I adopted shortly before I taped an appearance on Jeopardy in 2015, is named after Alex Trebek (RIP); my dog is named Susan From Human Resources because this is a hilarious name for a dog
  • I'm always happy to talk about baseball, but beware - I've been a Mets fan for decades now!


Pop Quiz:

If I were the dean of admissions, this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: What is the food or drink that fills your soul, and why?

What do you spend too much time doing? Reading science fiction, watching impossible British Quiz shows, and grading essays.

If you were the protagonist in an epic adventure, whether a game, novel, or movie, what would your ultimate quest be? This is going to sound so, so ridiculous, but I'd love to come across a magic helmet that made me into the world's greatest skateboarder. I've been dreaming of that since I was thirteen.

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