Joshua David Bergey

Joshua David Bergey

Joshua David Bergey

Director of Essay Development

B.A. Oberlin College
Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Introduce yourself:

I am an author, artist, and cultural historian who graduated with Highest Honors from Oberlin. As the first Obie to earn a degree in Interdisciplinary Performance and English, I helped the college to pioneer curriculum focused on the intersection of creative writing, visual art, and performance. Since college, when I first encountered the work of Jonathan Kozol (education activist and writer), I have never stopped mentoring students; I've seized countless opportunities across disciplines to help aspiring learners pursue their intellectual dreams and access a dynamic college education.


For seven years, I served as a leader in higher education, ultimately as a Dean of Admissions. Overseeing competitive admissions and recruitment processes was a joy, and my greatest privilege was to work closely with many families, students, education advocates, and college faculty both in the United States and abroad.


I have significant experience guiding students through a highly individualized, creative process of crafting personal and revealing college application essays. My practice builds on years of teaching experience, professional work editing for film and theater producers, and my own writing workshop experiences. I've also completed graduate-level studies in narrative non-fiction writing at Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, an intensive training program for writers, journalistic photographers, and radio producers.


Fun Facts:

  • "The Kid from Mars: Humanizing Science Fiction Art in the 1940s" is the next paper I'll present at a conference of humanities professors. My expertise in pulp fiction and 20th century American illustration art opens doors for me to teach at museums and in college classrooms.
  • I joined an absurdist theater troupe while acting in southern France.
  • My backhand slice makes me dangerous on the tennis court.

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