Jonathan Lee

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Jonathan Lee

Essay Team Lead

B.A. University of Chicago
M.F.A. University of Oregon (Expected 2025)

Introduce yourself:

I spent my early years in an idyllic SoCal neighborhood, but my father's work as a foreign correspondent meant that I would grow up in various places across the globe. From him, I inherited not only a love of travel but also a love of writing, and at UChicago I pored over literary classics late into the night. Since graduating, I have spent time as a drummer of a band, as a visual artist, and most recently as a poetry instructor. I have always thought of my passions as a trinity of music, art, and language, and I love to approach problems in an interdisciplinary way. I find writing particularly remarkable for its ability to draw connections between vastly different things and am deeply rewarded when budding writers discover this capability. In my free time, I can be found trekking through the temperate rainforests of Oregon, where I currently live. 


Fun Facts:

  • I was left-handed until age six, when I became a righty. I still do certain things with my left hand.
  •  I am a good whistler.
  • In the summer of 2016, I hitchhiked from Iowa to Washington, obtaining rides from at least thirty people.


Pop Quiz:

If I were a dean of admissions this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: Tell me the backstory of a treasured possession.

What do you spend too much time doing? I spend an inordinate amount of time adding books to my never-ending reading list.

Which historical figure would you like to meet? Franz Kafka. Would he betray any of the weirdness so present in his work?

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