Jared Levy

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Jared Levy

College Essay Specialist

B.A. Bates College
M.F.A. Warren Wilson College

Introduce yourself:

Western suburbs of Philadelphia born and raised, my astrological sign is Pisces, which feels about right: artistic and compassionate, but with a desire to escape reality. The latter characteristic has worked to my benefit since I write short stories (some published, too).

My degree is in Philosophy from Bates College where I also developed a love for debate, which has carried over to coaching debate (thus the picture of me with a tiny Socrates statue).

I’m lucky for many reasons, but some include having an amazing family, including my partner Sarah who is the best reader I know. She and I live in South Philly with our cat Simone. If you’d told me when I was growing up that I’d live less than a mile from my favorite cheesesteak places, I wouldn’t believe it, but here I am: living the dream.


Fun Facts:

  • I love wilderness activities and I’m experienced in hiking (I’ve completed many sections of the AT and hiked some beautiful long trails in New Zealand), canoeing (I’ve lead two 100 mile canoe trips), and mountain climbing (I’ve taught students how to belay, repel, and organize rescues)
  • I’m a dedicated musician in guitar and electronic music composition (I’ve created two albums of original songs in the genres of jazz and hip hop)
  • Out of college, I worked as a paralegal in New York City during the day and at night I wrote concert reviews for such publications as The Bowery Presents House List and Brooklyn Vegan.


Pop Quiz:

If I were a dean of admissions this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: What are you not doing that you wish you were doing? Why?

What do you spend too much time doing? Listening to NBA podcasts rather than watching NBA games

Which historical figure would you like to meet? Kurt Vonnegut. He’s the writer who convinced me that literature could be funny, dark, and weird, rather than serious and boring. I’d like to hear him talk about whatever he’d like to talk about.

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