Callie Ward


Callie Ward

College Essay Specialist

B.A. University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. Stanford University

Introduce yourself:

I grew up in rural Nevada, where I spent a great deal of my time reading, writing, collecting small rocks, and climbing up big ones. I also took ballet lessons for many years, and I still love ballet classes, rock climbing, and hiking! I’m passionate about languages, literatures and cultures from around the world, and human rights issues. Sharing these interests with students and helping them express their ideas in writing has been one of the highlights of my career. As a graduate student, I taught Spanish language classes as well as courses on literature and film. I have also worked as an English teacher in Spain, and I have volunteered as a reading tutor in West Philadelphia schools and as a humanities course instructor for incarcerated students in Bay Area jails. I have also volunteered in California and at the U.S.-Mexico border as a researcher and translator for legal organizations that support people seeking asylum. I’m very committed to learning more about social justice issues, working with young people, and making a meaningful contribution to my communities.


Fun Facts:

  • I lived in northern Spain for a year and have spent months studying in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.
  • I’m a vegetarian.
  • Wild horses frequently pass through the yard of my childhood home.


Pop Quiz:

If I were a dean of admissions this is an essay prompt that I'd want students to answer: What novel, movie, or song has most influenced the way that you view the world? Why/how?

 What do you spend too much time doing? Watching tv shows (and trying to decide what I want to watch!)

Which historical figure would you like to meet? Mary Ann Shadd

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