Junior and Senior Year

Junior And Senior Year

Academic Access’s comprehensive one-on-one guidance takes families through the entire college identification, search, and application process throughout their junior and senior years of high school.


Early meetings are devoted to helping students better identify what they want from college and which colleges best fit their needs, interests, and academic qualifications. We ask parents to join our conversation each step of the way as we map out the process and clarify our goals together. Joan and her team work with students to provide individual guidance and direction through each step of the college admissions process.

College counseling services may include:

Junior and Senior Year

Our Beginning Foundation

  • Individualized college search binder and college planning software
  • Advise on high school courses and scheduling
  • Provide guidance on extracurricular pursuits and commitments
  • Recommend a timeline for standardized testing

Identifying The Right Fit College

  • Reviewing transcripts and evaluating strengths of high school curriculum
  • In-depth interviewing to assess student’s interests, strengths, goals, and needs, and parents’ insights, requirements, and financial parameters
  • Regularly communicating with student and parents throughout the application process
  • Developing a list of schools that match the characteristics identified by the family
  • Establishing a timetable to meet the requirements of identified schools

Putting the Pieces Together and Hitting Submit

  • Narrowing the scope of the college search based on student achievement, test scores, evolving interests, and refinement of criteria
  • Step-by-step guidance through the completion of the student’s college applications
  • Helping choose essay topics and outline essays; proofreading student-prepared
  • Discussing application options; early action, early decision, regular, or rolling
  • Explaining all the types of applications and their procedures and format
  • Assisting in correspondence with college offices and special-interest faculty
  • Preparing for effective college visits and interviews
  • Guiding students through the completion of college applications
  • Reviewing and editing student-prepared applications

You’re Heading to College

  • Providing advice on the final decision once acceptance letters have been received
  • Preparing students and families for what to expect during the first year of college

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