Elle’s Success Story


Before I started working with Joan, I was overwhelmed by the college admissions process. What made it so daunting was that I didn’t know where to start or even what exactly I needed to do. The first meeting at Joan’s house, sitting on her couch, felt more like a conversation than anything else and helped me relax immediately. Going to SAT tutoring in a room that felt like a locked box made me feel terrible but working with Joan in her own, beautiful home always felt good. Sometimes I would get stressed out because I didn’t know what was coming next but Joan was always planning two steps ahead. At every meeting, she would identify what I need to do next, including many things I never would have thought of. She was also extremely available, and being able to reach out to her and expect a quick response saved me from many freak-outs. Every single time I left Joan’s office, I felt like everything was going to work out in the end. 



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