Take it from Joan– it’s hard to get the college admissions process just right on the first or second or third try. Joan has worked with over 500 students in more than a decade of experience as an independent educational consultant and has worlds of insight to share with your family. From your very first meeting with Joan to the day you mail in your deposit accepting admission, Joan guides you through every step of the process.

Joan sits down with students and their parents/guardians to discuss what the family wants and expects out of the process. She engages them in a careful process that helps them to clarify priorities: proximity to home; access to urban amenities; school spirit; intense academics; diversity; cost. Joan takes time to look at everything each student has to offer a college, while helping students articulate their hopes and goals for life after high school.

Joan draws on her depth and breadth of knowledge about hundreds of colleges and universities –much of it gained from campus visits and conversations with admissions officers and college students– to help find the right ones for you. Once you’ve decided where to apply, Joan guides you through each step of the process. She and her staff break up the application process into manageable chunks so that every essay, application, and supplement arrives at the right place at the right time.

Attended multiple high schools? Have holes in your resume? Prone to writer’s block? Parents often don’t have the resources to navigate these challenges. Joan does and she has. She tailors her work to meet your individual needs. She recognizes that no two students or families are exactly the same.

Joan works for your family, but does not do the work. Academic Access never tells your children what to say; it helps them find their voice.