Becca*Goucher College


Going into the application process, I didn’t know what to expect. There seemed to be a huge stigma of pressure and stress surrounding the entire idea, but once I met Joan I knew that wouldn’t be the case with her. Her energy, hospitality, discipline and warmth helped to not only make my college application process successful, but just plain fun!!!!

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Twins David & Michael*Colgate Univ. / Columbia Univ.


The biggest issue was not actually filling out the applications and writing the essays – it was the anxiety of having this overwhelming process ahead of us. Joan brought a new kind of confidence that enabled us to get past my agonizing and just get it all done. From the first moment we entered her office, we felt so welcome and comfortable, and her brisk and personable nature made the whole college application process so much more manageable and far less stressful. With her approach, success is unavoidable – We could not have done it without her!

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Oliver*Juniata College


For me, Joan made the college application process stress free, or at least low stress. I did most of my applications and essays in her office. She found a college that fit perfectly for me and the excitement of being accepted has lasted for months and will stay for the next four years. Just follow what she tells you to do cause she knows what she’s talking about.

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Carmelo*Drexel University

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