Junior and senior year of high school can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. At Academic Access, Joan and her team create a warm, nurturing environment to help students feel comfortable with themselves and their studies. While Joan and her team believe there are many right colleges out there for everyone – there is never only one “right” college — , they are committed to guiding you and your child to find the best possible fit. To succeed, Joan and her team believe that students must be excited about embarking on their new journey. Here at Academic Access, Joan works one-on-one with students to motivate them to be true to their best selves in presenting who they are to college admissions committees. Joan does not make students into something or someone they are not; but she encourages her students to develop their interests in ways that are demonstrable. Joan’s academic team provides customized SAT/SAT Subject/ACT prep, essay crafting, round-table interviewing, and all academic subject tutoring. Joan and her team will get the most out of your child so that s/he and you, can feel comfortable moving onto the next level of their education.