Housing Deposits, TOEFL, and Regional Representatives

Meet the Admissions Staff

With Groundhog Day around the corner, we’re ready for Punxsutawney Phil to declare it’s the end of winter! There may be such a thing as too much snow. Besides the weather, here’s what we’re talking about this week at Academic Access: Housing Deposits:┬áMany large state universities use a rolling application cycle, which means that they […]

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Early App Trends, Deferrals, and Facebook


This year there have been some interesting trends in the early application pool. Despite total college enrollment in the United States falling for the second straight year, many competitive schools have seen an increase in the number of their early applications. Here’s what we’re talking about this week: Early Application Trends: The University of Pennsylvania […]

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“Senioritis” and Course Selection


January is flying by, and many of you are starting your last semester of high school. It’s no time to get complacent! Here’s what we’re talking about this week at Academic Access: “Senioritis”: We’d like to banish the phrase “senioritis” here at Academic Access. Yes, you’ve submitted your college applications, and yes, maybe you’ve even […]

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Application Status, Mid-Year Grades, Junior Testing


With January 1st behind us, Academic Access seniors have met their deadlines, submitted their applications, and now await decisions! However, there’s no “off” season here at Academic Access. Here’s what we’re talking about this week: Application Follow-Up: Just because you’ve submitted all of your applications does not mean that you’re done with the college application […]

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March Madness: Who’s in your bracket?


Harvard, Princeton, and Penn are found in the headlines of the New York Times fairly frequently. But what about Butler, Gonzaga, or the Mountaineers of West Virginia? The past March Madness month has been filled with names of schools you might not find in the headlines all that often. It has given dozens of schools […]

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When it’s right, it’s right.

March, April, and often May can be very tense months for high school seniors, so bear with me as I address them in particular in this entry. Though juniors and younger folks should certainly take heed! Some things in life are just meant to be. Yes, bad things happen to everyone, and that doesn’t mean […]

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In like a lamb, out like a lion?

The month of March can be an interesting time for high school juniors and seniors. For seniors, March begins with the calm relaxation of the last semester of high school and the last gasps of relief at finishing those college applications on time. But as the days pass, that calmness might fade as anxiety sets […]

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Technology in Admissions… Friend or Foe?

YouTube.com has been around for several years now, hosting thousands of videos of skateboarders falling down, amateurs dancing to “Single Ladies,” and baby pandas sneezing, but this year several colleges have entered the virtual media fray as part of the college admissions process. This past application season, one of Tufts University’s optional essays on the […]

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Have you heard about Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s new educational initiative? It’s called “PhillyGoes2College,” and here at Academic Access, we think it’s a great idea. As a way to increase the education level of the average Philadelphian, Mayor Nutter has created a new office, PhillyGoes2College. The office will be a resource for high school students […]

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The New and Improved Academic Access


Those high school seniors who were working on applications in our office in December got to experience the beginnings of a transformation. Of course, there was the transformation from stressed high school kid to excited college applicant, but more superficially, they saw Academic Access take some big steps into the 21st century with the addition […]

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