January is flying by, and many of you are starting your last semester of high school. It’s no time to get complacent! Here’s what we’re talking about this week at Academic Access:

“Senioritis”: We’d like to banish the phrase “senioritis” here at Academic Access. Yes, you’ve submitted your college applications, and yes, maybe you’ve even been accepted to college. All of this good news, however, does not mean you should take a break from school. While colleges do not see your final senioritissenior grades until after they have sent out admissions decisions, those final grades still get sent to your schools. We’ve heard horror stories from students whose acceptances were rescinded because of poor academic performance during their senior spring. Also, if you end of transferring during your college career, your senior grades are a significant part of your high school transcript. Plus, on the bright side, it’s always a rewarding feeling to end your high school career on a high note. Keep up the good work!

Course Selection: Juniors, as you begin to look ahead to your senior year, here are a couple things to think about when choosing courses. Make sure you’re challenging yourself and choosing to take courses in all of the major disciplines (math, science, social science, language arts, and foreign language). At the same time, will you be successful if you take all AP’s? Are you electing to take too heavy a course load? There’s a balance behind choosing courses that’s sometimes hard to find, so feel free to reach out if you’d like some advice!