Those high school seniors who were working on applications in our office in December got to experience the beginnings of a transformation. Of course, there was the transformation from stressed high school kid to excited college applicant, but more superficially, they saw Academic Access take some big steps into the 21st century with the addition of our new Technology Center and some general revamping of the office.

For those who know the office well, you may remember a closet in which we kept files and student paperwork. Not much to look at, but functional.


So, how can we make it better? The answer: a little bit of vision, and a lot of renovation. So in came a construction crew to turn a closet into a room.

Don’t forget the wiring for some new technological additions to the Academic Access family…

And at last, after a few finishing touches (which included new paint and carpet for the whole office and some serious tech upgrades), we had a Technology Center and an upgraded office to match.

The Technology Center is equipped with a flatscreen TV as well as a laptop and hi-def webcam. This will serve as a private room for meetings and/or video-conferencing for those clients who live further away or whose schedules don’t allow for regular trips to the office.

On a more basic level, it’s one more table and four more chairs (plus a door that can be closed) that will give more space and privacy to our clients.

As mentioned above, the rest of the office got a few upgrades too. Like we finally got rid of the old tube TV and upgraded with a new flatscreen, which has already proven useful in our meetings with juniors and their families.

Can you believe that next to that water bottle used to be just a closet?

We’re looking forward to sharing Academic Access’ increased accessibility with you for many college application seasons to come!