Harvard, Princeton, and Penn are found in the headlines of the New York Times fairly frequently. But what about Butler, Gonzaga, or the Mountaineers of West Virginia?

The past March Madness month has been filled with names of schools you might not find in the headlines all that often. It has given dozens of schools a chance to be the featured story, and not just the usual suspects of Duke or UNC (which didn’t even make it to the tournament!). This year’s Final FOur involved a slew of upsets and surprises. Who would have thought Cornell would make it past the first round? And Butler… in the fairly unique position of being both host and participant in the Final Four tournament?

One thing’s for sure, though. These campuses are on fire right now. Even if you’re not a big sports fan, you’re bound to be roped in by school spirit when your team is fighting its way to the Final Four. Or if your school isn’t D-I, trust me, an intramural kickball game can also get pretty exciting.

This blogger is not lucky enough to be in Indianapolis this weekend, and I’m betting most of you aren’t either. But to the seniors who have heard back from colleges, know that there are students and alumni from four different universities who are way more anxious than you this weekend than you were when you logged in to find your admissions decision. And maybe it wasn’t even their first choice school however many years ago, but who remembers those kinds of things years later when you gather with fellow alumni to root for your school?