The month of March can be an interesting time for high school juniors and seniors.

For seniors, March begins with the calm relaxation of the last semester of high school and the last gasps of relief at finishing those college applications on time. But as the days pass, that calmness might fade as anxiety sets in for college decision letters. Maybe some of the colleges on your list even let you know a little earlier, so you hold your breath each time you check your email, or you race your parents to the mailbox as soon as you get home from school. That top choice is probably waiting until April, but it can’t hurt to check, right?

The one thing that might make some seniors feel better is watching as their junior friends and classmates get their first taste of college panic. SAT, ACT, infosession, Common App? Seniors can say “been there, done that” and smile; waiting might seem hard, but it’s probably the easiest part of the process. Meanwhile, juniors are swimming in a sea of brochures and vocab flash cards as they step onto college campuses as prospective students for the very first time. (Juniors: we highly recommend going to visit at least a few colleges over spring break!)

Seniors, take a deep breath. Just a few more weeks and all of your waiting will be over. And remember that once your letters come, you’ll have some pretty big decisions to make! So enjoy the unknown while it lasts.

Juniors, this is the beginning of a very exciting time! Take this opportunity to chat up the seniors to get advice on how to get through the whole process. They’ll love to impart their wisdom on you… plus, they need a distraction!